Cinelog-C Colorspace

Cinelog-C is what we've named the reference colorspace used for all Cinelog Camera Profiles and the universal basis of all Cinelog Looks and Luts. It is a hybrid of Alexa Wide Gamut RGB primaries (D65 white) and Cineon Log transfer with the following parameters:-

                                x             y
RED                   0.6840    0.3130
GREEN              0.2210     0.8480
BLUE                 0.0861    -0.1020
WHITE               0.3127     0.3290

(D min) ~1% Black Level                          95/1023
2% Black reflectance                             180/1023
90% reflectance White Level               685/1023
18% reflectance Gray Level                  470/1023

(10bit values shown)


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