Cinelog DCP 2017 - Built-in Looks

The new Cinelog-C DCP 2017 configuration adds support for many more colorspaces and now includes a selection of 26 built-in Cinelog Looks.

The looks are split between Rec709 and Film Looks and can be found by clicking the 'Display' button on the OpenColorIO plugin.

Here is a quick rundown of the various built-in Cinelog looks:

  • Cinelog-C Rec709 - the new default Cinelog Rec709 look with improved black level.
  • Cinelog-C Rec709 FM - Cinelog Rec709 with the Alexa Film Matrix applied for a creamier, more saturated look.
  • Cinelog Color Matrix Profiles 1 to 5 Rec709 - Alternative color matrix profiles. 5 different color palettes but neutral grayscale and Cinelog Rec709 contrast.
  • Cinelog DSLR Color Rec709 - Simulate DSLR camera looks Standard, Neutral, Faithful, Landscape and Portrait color with Cinelog's Rec709 contrast.
  • Cinelog 2-Strip Rec709 - Emulates 2-Strip film processing with Cinelog Rec709 contrast
  • Cinelog 3-Strip Rec709 - Cinelog's take on 3-strip film processing - a matrix driven, fully reversible 3-Strip look with Rec709 contrast
  • Cinelog Film looks 1 - 10 - 10 new film-like looks graded for Rec709 display
  • Cinelog 2-Strip Film - Cinelog's 2-Strip simulation with added color film print look
  • Cinelog 3-Strip Film - Cinelog 3-Strip look with added color film print look









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