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Cinelog DCP installation

Cinelog-C DCP has 2 main components - the Cinelog-C DCP camera profiles that transform your raw images to Cinelog-C wide gamut log colorspace and Cinelog Enhanced XMP Profiles that apply complex looks designed exclusively for Cinelog-C colorspace inside Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom.


Step 1)  Install the Cinelog-C DCP Camera Profiles:

Extract the zip file named to a suitable temporary location such as your desktop.

Copy the folder named Cinelog-C DCP Digital Camera Profiles to the installation path shown for your operating system shown below.

Mac OSX installation path

IMPORTANT: For OSX installation, the Cinelog-C profiles folder must be placed in the "user" folder, not the "global" one i.e.

~/Macintosh HD/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/


Windows installation path

C:\Users\(Your user name)\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles


Step 2)  Install Cinelog Enhanced XMP Profiles:

Copy the folder named Cinelog 2017 OCIO Presets to the installation path shown for your operating system shown below.

Mac OSX installation path

~/Macintosh HD/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings/Adobe/Profiles

Windows installation path





    Troubleshooting problems with camera profiles

    Problems with camera profiles not being accessible in Adobe Camera Raw

    Profiles not showing in Adobe Camera Raw can be due to several reasons - the default profile location being different on your system, incorrect metadata in the raw file and/or incorrect or incomplete metadata embedded by your raw conversion software, particularly when converting Magic Lantern .raw or .mlv.

    DCP profile Location

    The installation paths shown above should be correct, however, users of older Camera Raw versions may have different default paths. Cinelog strongly recommend keeping Adobe Camera Raw up to date as newer versions will have better features. Installing the latest ACR will also set the correct profiles path.


    Magic Lantern Specific Issues

    If Adobe Camera Raw shows 'embedded' as the only profile option it is a clear indication of missing, incomplete or incorrect meta tags in the DNG files and is likely caused by the application used to convert from the .raw or .mlv container format to DNG files.

    CinelogDCP strongly advise the use of newer convertors such as raw2cdng (win), MLVFS (OSX/Win), MLP

    RAWMagic and RAWMagic Lite, although popular OSX converters, are not supported by the Magic Lantern community for GPL reasons. We fully support the Magic Lantern development team's decision and therefore do not recommend it's use. However, should you still wish to use RAWMagic it is important to disable the embedding of Magic Lantern Specific tags as this embeds non-standard UniqueCameraModel tags which cause normal camera profiles to become inaccessible.

    Fortunately, metadata is user-editable, however this can involve typing instructions using the command line and ExifTool. As this is a significant issue we will be posting some tips and advice in a later article.

    If you have older DNG files with metadata issues and no longer have the original .raw or .mlv source file to re-convert with a newer converter please send us one of the problem DNG files. We will create custom-tagged profiles to enable you to use Cinelog.









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