Cinelog Film Color Synthesis Expansion Packs

Cinelog's new Film Color Synthesis Expansions for Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom simulate the color of 35mm motion picture negative and print films.

Using advanced spectral synthesis techniques and actual dye transmission density data we have modelled the lab processed color of contemporary and classic negative stocks, many of which are no longer available or viable.

The synthesized color characteristics of the timed and reversed film negative are applied as CTL in linear ACES colorspace, maintaining the full dynamic range of the signal and providing a very clean color transform before being further processed through our Kodak or Fuji print film emulations.

·         Neg Status A Cineon (Rec709 primaries)

·         Neg to Cinelog Rec709

·         Neg to 2383 Print Emulation (Rec709) for HD and Web

·         Neg to 2383 Print Emulation (P3) for cinematic release

·         Neg to 2383 Print Emulation (Rec2020) - for HDR 4K

·         Neg to 2383 Print Emulation (ProPhoto) - for printed stills

·         Neg to Fuji etc etc

We also include Cinelog-C to 2383 Print Emulation at 5400K CCT and 6500K CCT


Currently available packs (will only work with Cinelog-C Camera Profiles)

·         Vision

·         Vision2

·         Vision3

·         Eastman Color

·         EXR

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