Colorspace Connection

Cinelog-C gives you access to an expanding collection of great 'Looks' in the Cinelog Lut Bank but Cinelog also has a strong emphasis on the technical side of things making them a perfect bridge between your footage and Lut packs from other vendors such as VisionColor and Koji or film emulation apps such as FilmConvert Pro.

The ability to accurately transform your raw footage to a variety of different colorspaces will unleash the full potential of your other lut packs and allow use of luts provided by manufacturers of other cameras.

Colorists working in DaVinci Resolve will also benefit when conforming raw DNG footage from several different cameras using the BMD Film colorspace with Cinelog-C lut transforms from BMD Film (Via Cinelog-C) to your prefer working colorspace. i.e. you have Slog3/S-Gamut3-cine footage from an F55 and use an official Sony REC709 lut and some Magic Lantern Raw DNG files. Simply debayer the MLV files in BMD Film colorspace, add the BMD Film to Cinelog-C and Cinelog-C to S-Log3/S-Gamut3-Cine luts, then add the Sony REC709 Lut adjust exposure and white balance to match the ProRes footage. This then allows for more precise color matching using Resolve 11's ColorMatch function.

Cinelog-C luts were made using a modified build of the OpenColorIO framework, custom Python scripts, Ampas CTL (Color transformation language), Ampas ACES and a variety of other lut/math tools.

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