Please read before installing


Some important information:

  • The Cinelog Digital Camera Profiles Pack has 2 main components: Cinelog-C Camera Profiles (.dcp) and Cinelog Looks Vol.1 (.xml) that work inside Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom. There is also a separate configuration for OpenColorIO that can be loaded via a third party plugin in After Effects, Premier Pro and Photoshop.

    It is important to install the profiles in the correct locations or they will not be available in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom. Each part has a different installation path.

  • Cinelog-C Camera Profiles will work in most versions of Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom however, we recommend updating to the latest versions of Adobe Camera Raw and/or Lightroom as support for Enhanced and Creative Profiles including Cinelog Looks Vol.1 will only be available in versions released after April 2018.

  • If you do need to update Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom we strongly recommend backing up any previously installed camera profiles.

  • Cinelog-C Camera Profiles can co-exist with previous versions of Cinelog profiles if absolutely necessary however we do not recommend this as the latest profiles are of significantly higher resolution, with improved color and are compatible with Cinelog looks.

  • Cinelog Rec709 (.dcp) camera profiles are no longer included as Cinelog Rec709 is now part of Cinelog Looks Vol.1

  • If installing Cinelog Profiles for use with Lightroom you should launch Lightroom and open the Lightroom Preferences Panel (not Catalog Preferences). Untick "Store preset with this catalog" and close Lightroom before installation.


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