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Cinelog-C DCP 2016 - Coming Soon

Cinelog-C for Adobe Camera Raw update

Cinelog-C for Adobe Camera Raw now renamed Cinelog-C DCP 2016 contains all new wide gamut log camera profiles for nearly 70 digital DSLR, Mirrorless and Cinema cameras from AJA, Canon, IndiCam and Blackmagic Design to Nikon, Panasonic, PhaseOne, Sony and DJI - all inside Adobe Camera Raw!

Each new profile is calculated to produce images in Cinelog-C colorspace inside Adobe Camera Raw without requiring the additional OpenColorIO conversion of previous versions.

Images debayered into Cinelog-C colorspace can now be opened directly in Lightroom and Photoshop, there is one less step required when transcoding to log in After Effects and Cinelog luts can now be applied directly without an intermediate colorspace conversion.

Cinelog-C DCP 2016 profiles are also lighter and faster with each camera profile featuring Cinelog custom matrices and Cineon tone curve. HSV corrections are no longer used meaning the profile does not compromise image quality, color or dynamic range.

Converting with Cinelog-C profiles produces cleaner and more accurate color without the possibility of artifacts that can be caused by non-linear corrections in typical DCP camera profiles.

Cinelog-C's ACR log curve has also been tweaked to match Cineon log, common in color grading and compositing apps such as DaVinci Resolve, Baselight, Nuke, Scratch etc making ACR a perfect tool for fixing those tricky shots or for working with larger raw images at full resolution that may otherwise be restricted in other color grading apps.

To accompany the new Cinelog-C Profiles, we are also releasing a new OpenColorIO configuration featuring many new colorspaces (including the new Blackmagic Design RGB colorspaces* and support for ACES 2065-1) plus updated Rec709 default looks and several default film simulations and emulations (CDL and 3D cube formats) that can be accessed directly in the OpenColorIO plugin without needing to load external luts.

*BMD Film colorspaces are unpublished. Cinelog has accurately reverse engineered all current BMD Film colorspaces offered in Resolve v12.5beta.

Important information for Magic Lantern Users

Metadata is an important part of raw image processing and incorrect/incomplete metadata can lead to incorrect color reproduction and inaccurate default white balance.

Cinelog strongly recommends users of Magic Lantern to only use MLVFS or raw2cdng for extracting DNG images. We also recommend users only shoot raw video using the MLV REC module as it has deeper metadata support than the original RAW REC module.

MLVFS and raw2cdng are currently the only apps to embed both the correct camera ID and color matrix tags.

The Digital Camera Profiles in Cinelog-C for Adobe® Camera Raw® will override the color matrix tags so only the camera ID tag is mandatory if ACR is used for debayering, however DaVinci Resolve, Premier Pro®, Speedgrade® and other apps require both color matrix tags for accurate white balance.

We also recommend to developers of apps that extract or convert MLV to ensure the correct UniqueCameraModel tag is embedded independently for each camera (i.e. no generic tags) and that ColorMatrix1, ColorMatrix2 tags are populated.

See this MLVFS commit for the Camera RGB to CIE XYZ matrix coefficients of each camera. The color and forward matrices are gleaned from the latest Adobe® DNG converter®.

Nikon DSLR Support added to Cinelog-C for Adobe® Camera Raw®

At the request of stills photographers who wish to benefit from a Log workflow and Cinelog-C Look LUTs, we have added support for Nikon D800, D800E and D810 DSLR cameras in the Cinelog-C for Adobe Camera Raw pack.

If your camera is not currently supported please contact us. Cinelog Profiles for stills cameras are added only at user request.

The new Nikon profiles enable these cameras to utilize the full Cinelog-C workflow in Adobe® After Effects® and Premier Pro®. Although OpenColorIO is not supported in Adobe® Photoshop® we do include an intermediate transform lut to enable use of Cinelog-C REC709 and Film Look LUTs.

Please note: Adobe® Lightroom® does not currently support LUTs however, the Cinelog V3.0 log camera profiles may still be used to transform raw images to Cineon (sRGB primaries) in Adobe® Camera Raw®.

2015 - Out with the old

Cinelog would like to wish all our customers and visitors a very happy and prosperous 2015!

To mark the launch of our new Cinelog-C packs, the Cinelog Website has a new look. We are adding more content and sections over the next few weeks including exclusive downloads for our LUT Bank Members.

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