Cinelog-C for DaVinci Resolve


Cinelog-C for DaVinci Resolve is a comprehensive collection of high precision shaper LUTs that transform your raw DNG/CinemaDNG footage from BMD Film/BMD Film 4K colorspace to Cinelog-C Wide gamut RGB and from Cinelog-C to a variety of other colorspaces.

From Cinelog-C you can accurately transform to a variety of log colorspaces such as Alexa Log-C Wide Gamut (EI800), Sony S-Log, Slog-2, S-Log3 in S-Gamut/S-Gamut3-cine, Canon C-Log Cinema Gamut, DCI P3 and DCI P3+, Panasonic Varicam V-Log/V-Gamut, ACES and even back to BMD Film or for fast results you can simply add one of our REC709 or Film Look Luts.

Each colorspace transforming Lut has a high precision 1D shaper component and a 65x65x65 3D cube Lut. The 1D shaper linearizes the Cinelog-C (Cineon) curve before adding the new log curve (calculated from the manufacturers log formula i.e. Slog3). The 3D component is generated from CIE XYZ to RGB 3x3 RGB matrices (in Linear RGB). The mathematical accuracy of these luts allow inversion and are visually indistinguishable from the Colorspace transforms we built for our OpenColorIO configuration.


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